Procore - LaborChart Embedded App & Integration Setup


The LaborChart Embedded App for Procore brings your favorite resource management views into your Procore project management workflows so you can conquer your project all in one place, all with your Procore user account.

The included integration also keeps your Procore projects syncing into LaborChart to reduce manual entry and ensure all your data is up to date whenever you need it.


Below is the short list you will need to have to make sure you can take advantage of the Embedded App and integration. We will provide steps on how to get everything setup below.

LaborChart Account

If you don't yet have a LaborChart account, click here to learn more about what our platform does and how it can help your company with many features past those featured in this Embedded App offering.

Setup Procore Service Account

In Procore, you can create "Service Accounts" which will provide credentials for 3rd party systems to connect to your system. You will likely need Admin credentials in Procore to set this up.

To create a Service Account for the LaborChart integration, follow the below 6 steps.

1 - Navigate to Settings
Under your initials in the top right corner, click the "Account & Admin Settings".

2 - Service Accounts
Select "Service Accounts" from the right hand menu.

3 - Create & Name Service Account
Next you will begin setting up the service account. First, click the "New" button in the top right corner. You will then be presented with a form to provide a name for this Service Account. Title your Service Account "laborchart-integration" or something similar that will remind you which integration this service account belongs to. Finally, click "Create" to save this new Service Account.

4 - Save Service Account Credentials
The Service account credentials will only be shown to you one time so make sure you don't click away before you copy the information. These credentials also need to be treated as sensitive (think of it like a password). You will need to provide your Client ID, Client Secret and Procore Company ID to your LaborChart Integration specialist. Our team will provide you a tool like OneTimeSecret so you can send us this information in a safe & encrypted way.

5 - Change Service Account's Permissions
Now that you have a Service Account, you need to configure the permission level and settings. This is done by selecting "Directory" from the "Company Tools" selector at the top of Procore. Once you are in the Directory, select "edit" next to the Service Account you just created. Once inside the settings for the Service Account, scroll down until you see the permission matrix and click the "Standard" column header. Finally, under the "Project Settings" section right below the permission matrix, check the box that allows the integration access to all new projects and then click "Save" in the bottom right corner of the page.

6 - Make All Existing Projects Available To Service Account
The last step in getting your integration configured is to make all your existing jobs available to the new Service Account that the LaborChart integration will be leveraging. This is done on the same Service Account settings page that you were just setting the permission level on.

Simply scroll back down to the "Project Settings" section and then click the "Add All" button. This will kick off a progress indicator as projects are made available to the Service Account. Once this progress indicator reaches 100%, all existing and future projects in your Procore account are configured to allow syncing with the LaborChart integration.

Match User Emails - Enable Login with Procore

For any Procore user who you would like to be able to login and leverage the LaborChart Embedded App on a project, you will need to make sure that they have an active user account in LaborChart under the same email address. This will allow them to "Login with Procore" in the Embedded App and pull their LaborChart permissions into the experience to ensure they only have access to the data you want them to access. This does not impact the project sync integration pushing Procore projects into LaborChart, just the embedded app logins.

New LaborChart Users can be created by navigating to the "People" page and clicking the "New" button in the upper left corner.

Install Embedded App from Marketplace

To install the LaborChart Embedded App follow the 3 steps below. You may need some administrative permissions in Procore to preform these actions.

1 - Navigate to the Marketplace
Use the app selector to navigate to the Procore app marketplace.

2 - Find the LaborChart Tile
Type "LaborChart" into the app search bar, hit enter and then click the resulting tile.

3 - Install the Embedded App
Once you click install, the Embedded App will be added to your account. Follow the on-screen setup steps to complete your installation. No more information will be required from you during this setup phase.

Allow the LaborChart Embedded App to be accessed on projects

1 - Navigate to Company Settings

2 - Click on 'App Management'

3 - Click 'View' on the LaborChart app

4 - Navigate to the 'Configurations' tab, and then click 'Edit'

5 - Edit the projects available to the embedded app

If you are having issues with any of the steps on this page, always feel free to contact [email protected] for assistance with the process.