New SQL Integrations Overview

While we do maintain a list of "Approved" integration systems that we have built and established connections to in the past, we can also make the same connection to almost any SQL database. Please see below for more connection and functionality information.


Data Types

  • People
  • Projects

Data Flow

  • Unidirectional; from source SQL database into LaborChart only

Connection Requirements

  • Publicly Accessible IP address or URL
  • Set of read-only SQL credentials
  • Database name


  • Four LaborChart outbound IP addresses will be provided during implementation and will need to be whitelisted



This page is meant to convey the necessary connection details needed and expected functionality of a SQL-based QuickConnect™ integration. LaborChart's Integration Team will work with you directly to tailor the integration to match your system exactly.

Have questions? Reach out to us at [email protected]