Approved Integrations

Workforce Planning Approved Integrations (QuickConnect)

Below you will find a list of other software that Workforce Planning is pre-configured to integrate with. These integrations are our fastest to get set up and going via our QuickConnect integration option. If you are using our Open API, you don't need to concern yourself with this list at all. If you don't see the system you would like to connect to on the list below, contact your Workforce Planning Account Manager who will help explore connection options to make that system available for your integration.


ERP / CRM / Accounting Systems
Foundation (cloud)AvailableAvailable
Foundation (on-premise)AvailableAvailable
Great Plains (on-premise)AvailableAvailable
Microsoft Dynamics (on-premise)AvailableAvailable
Sage 100AvailableAvailable
Sage 300ConditionalConditional
Sage HRMSAvailable
Spectrum (cloud)AvailableAvailable
Spectrum (on-premise)AvailableAvailable
Viewpoint (cloud)AvailableAvailable
Viewpoint (on-premise)AvailableAvailable
Time Tracking
hh2 Data DropAvailableAvailable

Don't see your system in the list? We are always looking to expand our approved integration offerings. Reach out to us via [email protected] to learn more.

Cloud-Hosted Custom Databases

If you custom host SQL databases with any major cloud provider like Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, IBM, etc. we can likely connect and pull your data in. Connecting to custom data structures will require your IT team to provide a little more insight to our integration team than with our pre-approved integration options but is most likely something we can assist you with. You can find more information here.