Getting Started with LaborChart

This page will help you get started with LaborChart API so you can be up and running quickly!


The LaborChart REST API is a simple JSON API to help you integrate with our system for the sake of managing core data entities.

The LaborChart API will only be reachable over direct HTTPS connections. As a security precaution, if you try to hit the API over a HTTP connection, it will not be redirected to our HTTPS service, rather you will be returned a request error.

As of V2 of this API, the integration via API to our system is unidirectional with request coming from your system to this API.

Client Libraries

At this time, we do not offer any official client libraries for implementing the LaborChart API.


Authentication to our API is discussed in depth on the Auth page.

Core Data Entities

As of V2 of the LaborChart API, CRUD operations for the following data entities are available. It is worth noting that these entities are relational in nature to each other and thus unique IDs for each entity may need to be tracked by your system for specifying later relationships between entities to take full advantage of this API's offering. The auto generated unique LaborChart IDs look like: 2d2ad78e-c6de-467e-8413-c616b55294a5


  • Groups - The highest level of organization and access control within LaborChart.
  • Projects - Your projects.
  • People - Includes User and human resources that do not have access to the app.
  • Tags - Represent certifications or organizational label and can be applied to both People and Projects
  • Job Titles - The various job titles throughout your company. Can be applied to People.


The V2 API facilities 3 initial reporting functions to help you funnel data from LaborChart to other parts of your business. Specifics can be found on the Reports page.


All JSON object keys and query params in our API are lowercase and underscore delimited.